What a Sparkling Performance

Add a little sparkle to the shelves with a comprehensive range of fine champagnes.  As one of Europe's major bulk suppliers, you can expect us to provide all of the leading brand names and more direct to your warehouse.


Claude Moët, founded his house in Epernay in 1743, his grandson, Jean-Rémy Moët, is the one who, in the 19th century expanded by opening it up to foreign markets.  Jean-Rémy Moët handed the house over to his son and his son-in-law, Pierre-Gabriel Chandon de Briailles. It then took on the Moët & Chandon name.   Now we make their entire range available to you


Madame Clicquot is often considered the first businesswoman of the modern era, widowed in 1805 at the age of 27.  Veuve, meaning widowed in French, is used perfectly as she defied every convention of the day to take the helm of her late husband's Champagne house.


The four classic Lanson cuvees - Black Label, Ivory Label, Rose Label, and Gold Label - represent a rich collection of champagnes, each with its own distinctive character.   These are wines with a unique style that remains unmatched in the Champagne region.


This was the first champagne House to introduce a large proportion of Chardonnay – a minority grape in the region – into the blend of its Brut L-P, the true signature of the Laurent-Perrier style.  The House has also created Ultra-Brut.


Champagne Bollinger was founded in 1829, and is still 100% family owned to this day. Mentzendorff have been agents for Bollinger since 1858 and one of our strongest relationships. Very unusual for any Champagne House, Bollinger have been growers and producers from the outset, quite an achievement.


Jacobus, Gottlieb and Philipp Mumm were from a rich family of German wine merchants and arrived in Reims in 1827. Along with their business partner Friedrich Giesler, they set up P.A. Mumm et Cie., the initials standing for the forenames of their father, Peter Arnold Mumm and this is one of our favourite champagnes.